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Services provided by Alina Small

Services offered include couples therapy for those struggling in relationships. Relationship repair, teaching and implementing advanced commination skills, tools to increase empathy and emotional understanding and methods to manage conflict. Both couples counselling, including same sex- and individual counselling is offered to assist in implementing change. Alinda uses Gottman, Terry Real and other methodologies to assist in bringing the change clients desire. Relationship therapy may help with:

Perpetual arguments in relationships

Conflict resolution

Communication issues in relationships

Affair and infidelity recovery

Repair from emotional or on line infidelity

Healing and managing a narcissist or Borderline PD

Falling out of love

Deceit in the relationship

Expected Perfectionism.


Lack of Compatibility

Financial Pressures

Along with relationship repair other counselling services that Alinda offers as a fully trained and certified sexual health therapist include:

• Hyper/hypo arousal disorder

• Intimacy disorder

• Sexual compulsions

• Sexual health and safety counselling

• Erectile dysfunction

• Pornography induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)

• Premature ejaculation

• Delayed ejaculation

• Libido and sexual desire issues

• Sexual fears

• Vaginismus

• Sexual addictions

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