Couples Counselling

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I was fortunate to train and study in New York , The Gottman Couples Therapy Model —this method draws from the ground-breaking research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. This therapy delves into key components of what we call The Sound Relationship House, fostering understanding and skills crucial for maintaining a healthy foundation. As a trained and verified therapist in the Gottman Method, and a Seven Principles of Marriage Leader, I utilise other methodologies like RLT (Relational Life Therapy) by Terry Real, and many other techniques, I can help guide couples through a transformative journey.

Gottman therapy involves:

  • Building rapport with the therapist to discuss personal histories and treatment goals.
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the relationship, including discussing contentious topics.
  • Learning evidence-based strategies for nurturing a thriving relationship.
  • Cultivating trust and admiration in the relationship.
  • Practicing communication skills and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Receiving guidance from the therapist on effective interaction.
  • Equipping couples with tools for ongoing relationship maintenance beyond therapy.

The respected and renown Gottman method, is grounded in scientific observations, and emphasises the impact of negativity on relationships, and provides strategies to counteract it. By identifying destructive patterns like criticism and contempt, couples therapy introduces constructive alternatives, fostering deeper understanding and intimacy. Say goodbye to relationship destroyers and embrace a more harmonious partnership. I also have worked extensively with same sex couples- all modalities are adapted for heteronormative, same sex and alternate relationships.

Dymocks Building, Level 7, Suite 2, 424-430 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 (Wellshare Centre -Please turn left when you exit the lift. Check in at reception via iPad - please wait in reception area and I will collect you just prior to our session).